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How to Beautify Your Garden: Landscaping, Hardscraping, Mulching

Do you want to make your garden more beautiful? This article will show you how. From landscaping, hardscraping and mulching, there are numerous techniques to increase the beauty of your garden. We’ll also be discussing which plants are best for different types of gardens – from formal gardens with long borders that need a lot of maintenance, to informal gardens that require little work. If you’re ready to beautify your property, keep reading!

Edgewood Landscaping

Landscaping is the best way to make your garden look beautiful. Landscaping is the process of making a certain area more interesting – by adding or removing elements such as rocks, plants, shrubs and water features. There are many ways you can create an eye-catching landscape design depending on what sort of style you’re looking for.

If you want to add interest through color and variety – choose colors that contrast with each other so they stand out from one another. If it’s a formal garden we’d recommend using roses in combination with lavender and marigolds (for example). In an informal garden try planting geraniums combined with petunias and blue lobelias . Use different heights if possible because this will give your landscaping depth; plant taller plants at the back and smaller plants toward the front.

If you’re going for a contemporary garden – choose different textures to create interest such as smooth leaves, prickly cacti or ‘leathery’ bark from trees like birch. In an English-style cottage where flowers are common use roses combined with lavender and marigolds (for example) but also add ornamental grasses for height if possible along with shrubs that have spiky tops such as bear’s breeches.


Hardscraping is a tool of landscaping and it is used in garden and lawn areas to create a hard surface that would be harder for weeds to grow through. Hardscraping can also add an element of style because you can use different materials such as stone, gravel or slate tiles.


Using mulch around plants will help retain moisture and keep weed growth down; there are different types of mulches but the most common ones include bark chips, grass clippings, leaf mould or composted manure which all have their own benefits depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your landscaping design. Mulching reduces evaporation so less water needs applying when watering during dry spells too! It’s best not to start gardening projects over winter months unless you’re prepared for some very cold nights!

What Is The Perfect Time To Get Landscaping?

Landscaping can be done throughout the year but most people are able to get outside more in the warmer months. The best time of year is autumn, when plants are still growing but haven’t yet started to blossom or flower so less maintenance will be required.

Can Landscaping Increase The Worth Of My Property?

Yes, landscaping comes with many benefits one of which is increasing the worth of your property. A landscaped garden will be more aesthetically pleasing and can increase a home’s value by as much as five per cent.

How Much Will Landscaping Cost?

The price of booking one or two landscape professionals to beautify an average sized garden with plants, hard-landscape materials such as stone borders and paving stones, irrigation systems etc., can cost depending on the total size of your garden. – which might take around three days for a small back yard – but you may want to get quote from The Detail Guys in order to get the best price and quality.


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