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Generally, varsity Distressed leather jacket are a bit baggy, so you’re going to want to enhance your shape by wearing some slim jeans and a fresh pair of trainers to stone the American Jock look.

Test out COLOR

It might be safe to stay to the conventional brown or black leather coat, but do not be scared to research together with other masculine hues such as tan, gray or maroon. If you’re a lover of smarter colors, then make certain you have the courage to take it off with oomph. Just take some inspiration out of Tyler Durden in Fight Club, where he stones a reddish leather coat and looks exceptionally sexy while at one. The trick is to get a jacket that fits well and has minimal details in order the color sticks outside.

Below is a picture of Mr. Tommy Ton, that shows us just how to stone the colored leather jacket look without sacrificing sophistication.


Ok, so we’ve spared probably the most important style idea for the last. The best fitting and gorgeous leather jacket can look undone if you wear it with a set of ill-fitting jeans or the wrong shoes.

The leather coat is certainly the most important element of one’s whole ensemble, but remember that each other piece should complement it instead of just take away from it. Avoid contrasting colors, plaid tops or stone washed jeans. Too much design or colours will steal away the attention from your leather jacket.

For times if you’re confused about your overall look, black is the best option. Blend it with some slim jeans, a lowkey white t shirt, and several black leather bootsand you’re going to be ready to slip the limelight!


A well-fitting leather jacket is a must have any man’s attire. Do not hesitate to shell out some additional bucks to purchase the perfect jacket, since it’s a one-time expenditure. A leather jacket usually lasts for a lifetime and should fit just like a second skin. The minute you slide it around, you should come to feel a boost in confidence and design. Remember, you are spending the money to get a leather coat rather investing it yourself Custom motorcycle jacket.

Have you got a few other hints about the way you can style a leather coat to fit any occasion? Share your thoughts together in the comments below.