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Benefits of Hiring the best

If you find yourself betrayed by someone or you find yourself in a trouble i.e. someone tricked you to put in trouble then we recommend you hire the best Private detectives Manchester firm in the area. They will not only help you sort all kinds of worries and troubles but they will make sure to put them to rest for good. We here at I-Spy are your local firm and we are the best at what we do. We don’t want to cause you any kind of trouble rather we await your call, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your assistance.

We provide you the best budget plans that you can think of and if you still want then we can make custom plans for you according to your requirements.

Our team of experts is no ordinary, they are trained by the best to be the best, plus they have years of experience under their belts. They are all ex-military or ex-police so in short, we can say that they have experiences working in such fields and their minds are developed to seek the truth and bring it to light.

About Us:

We here at I-Spy are licensed and registered by the office of the information commissioner and our head office is located in Cardiff. Although we have a network of detectives and branches which are spread all over the country, so if you have a case in another city or state then don’t worry, we have you covered everywhere. All our focus lies in bring the truth forward and the investigations we conduct are so solid and the evidence we provide you can be presented in the court of law.

For us, quality is everything and our standard of customer service is maintained throughout the country i.e. in all of our branches throughout the UK. Due to providing investigative services for the commercial sector, legal sector, insurance providers, and private clients we have got a lot of experience. We have been in the field for quite some time and also, we know that a small reason as marital infidelity can lead to divorce or betrayal. Although everyone knows that it is natural and anyone can become a victim of this.

We have also got a vast experience of conducting covert operations and after every investigation, we present a detailed report of our findings which includes all kinds of photos, still images noted with date and time, and also places which no one can deny whatsoever. Our services are both professional as well as accurate. We have a system installed within our firm which delivers the complete report to the person automatically within 48 hours after we have finished our investigation. If you want then we will also present you with the hard copy. Our pricing structure is fixed but if you aren’t able to pay then we can generate a custom design plan for you. We can also conduct investigations anywhere in the world but it will all be at the expense of the client.

Call us whenever you need assistance. We will uncover all kinds of truths for you.


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